Attracts Dust Like A Magnet!

Kleva Miracle Magnetic Duster®

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  • 4X Kleva Miracle Magnetic Duster®
  • 2X Free Extension Handles
  • 4X Kleva Drain Cleaner



Introducing the

Miracle Magnetic Duster®

The Kleva Miracle Magnetic Duster is revolutionising household cleaning with its electrostatic charges that can grab every spec of dust in 1 motion like a magnet!

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Overall Average


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Michelle B.

I love the miracle duster, I’ve spent a lot of money on different dusters and they just spread the dust, the miracle duster does exactly what the advertisement said it does.

Carol J.

We have VERY HIGH ceilings so the miracle magnetic dusters with extension poles are perfect 👍🏻 for what I need.

Anna A.

Makes cleaning a lot easier, especially with the extension pole attached. The extension pole can extend even further than first thought to reach difficult heights.

Leona S.

I was very pleased with the results of using these products. The price was excellent with very quick turnaround from purchase to delivery.


Two Tone Dust Detecting Colours

You can now easily see the volume of dust you collect and be aware of the dust you’re carrying with you.

Be cautious not to shake your duster around too heavily while you clean.

Telescopic Extension Pole

Extends up to 2 metres high to clean those places you couldn't usually reach.

Comfortably clean ceiling fans, mouldings, high shelves, lights, and more!

Easy To Clean The Duster

Once you finish, shake the duster outside, or wash in warm soapy water for a thorough clean.

It’s that simple!

Bends to a 90 Degree Angle

Finally, a duster that bends to your will!

This is perfect for cleaning edges and corners of furniture, mirrors, bookshelves, fans, fridges, and so much more!

Exclusive One Pass Technology

The electrostatic charge generated from the fibres won't just clean the dust… but attract it to YOU.

This charge means you only need one swift motion to swipe the dust away.

Cutting your dusting time in half!

The Secret is

the thousands of super soft, voluminous dusting fingers creating a natural electrostatic charge that grabs and holds the dust firmly like a magnet.

Get this magical household cleaning miracle today to remove the stress from your home dusting duties!

Attracts Dust
Like a Magnet

With a natural electro static charge.

Super Soft
Voluminous Fibres

Conforms to all shapes and crevices.

Bonus Twist &
Telescopic Pole

Extends over 2 metres high.

Flexible Design
Bends to a 90° Angle

Reach corner edges & on top of bookshelves.

Buy One Get One Free

Kleva Miracle Magnetic Duster®

  • Attracts Dust Like A Magnet: to clean
  • swiftly and effortlessly in 1 motion.
  • Voluminous Fibres: to fit into all types of cracks & crevices.
  • Telescope Extension Pole: to extend up to 2 metres high.
  • Flexible Design: to bend up to 90º and maximise cleaning convenience.